University of Oxford

History of Art Department

Professor Geraldine A. Johnson

Geraldine Johnson received a BA in Comparative Literature from Yale, an MA in Art History from Cambridge, and a PhD in History of Art from Harvard. She has held a number of prestigious grants and fellowships, including ones awarded by the Harvard Society of Fellows, the Leverhulme Trust, Villa i Tatti in Florence, the Henry Moore Foundation, the Fulbright Commission, and the Mellon Foundation. In 2009, she received a University Teaching Prize for her work in establishing Oxford's first undergraduate degree in History of Art. She has been Head of the Department of History of Art, Associate Head of the Humanities Division, and Tutor for Admissions at Christ Church, Oxford. She is also a Series Editor for Renaissance History, Art and Culture, published by Amsterdam University Press.

Geraldine has published widely on the history of sculpture from the late medieval period to the present day, as well as on the visual arts more generally in Early Modern Europe. Her research interests also include the history of photography, the historiography of Art History, and women and the visual arts. Oxford University Press published her Very Short Introduction to Renaissance Art in 2005, with a new edition appearing in 2010 from an imprint of Barnes & Noble. It has also been translated into Chinese, Greek, Turkish, Thai and Vietnamese. She is the co-editor of a prize-winning volume entitled Picturing Women in Renaissance and Baroque Italy (Cambridge University Press, 1997) and editor of Sculpture and Photography: Envisioning the Third Dimension (Cambridge University Press, 1998). Some of her publications can be accessed via the website.

At present, Geraldine is completing two books, one entitled The Sound of Marble: The Materiality and Immateriality of Italian Renaissance Art, which will be published by Cambridge University Press, and a second entitled Photography and Sculpture, which will be published by Reaktion Books in collaboration with the University of Chicago Press. She was recently commissioned by Blackwell-Wiley to edit a major anthology, A Companion to the Theories and Methods of Art History, and she is also editing a volume of essays entitled Crossing Continents: Exile and Expatriate Histories of Art. Future projects include De-Facing the Portrait: The Early Modern Body in Parts (a monograph with Professor Tatiana String) and an historiographical study entitled Art History’s Images. She is currently co-organising an international conference, Photo Archives: The Place of Photography, which will take place in Oxford in April 2017, and she is serving as a consultant for a major Anglo-Italian television series on the Medici.