Associated Academics

The Department has associated experts and specialists in all areas of art history.  This reflects the interdisciplinary ethos of the Department, and many of the options available to History of Art students are drawn from courses offered by other faculties and departments in the University of Oxford. For more details, please view the subject areas below.


Professor Walter Armbrust Faculty of Oriental Studies Mass media and popular culture in the Middle East
Dr Shailendra Bhandare Ashmolean Museum Indian numismatics
Shalini Amerasinghe Ganendra St Catherine's College Early photographic images and related texts from/of Ceylon/Sri Lanka
Professor Clare Harris Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology/Pitt Rivers Museum Tibet, Himalayas and South Asia: art and artefacts
Professor Dan Hicks School of Archaeology/Pitt Rivers Museum Archaeology of the Modern period, especially in Northern America, the Caribbean and the Atlantic world, as well as the UK
Dr Mallica Kumbera Landrus Ashmolean Museum Indian art
Dr Francesca Leoni Ashmolean Museum Islamic art
Dr Clare Pollard Ashmolean Museum Japanese art
Ms Shelagh Vainker Ashmolean Museum Chinese and Korean art and artefacts
Dr Laura Van Broekhoven Pitt Rivers Museum Ethnohistory and museology



Professor John Baines Faculty of Oriental Studies Egyptian art and architecture
Professor Jas Elsner Corpus Christi College Classical and Late Antique art and architecture
Professor Chris Howgego Ashmolean Museum Greek and Roman coins
Dr Helen Whitehouse Faculty of Oriental Studies/Ashmolean Museum Egyptian art and artefacts



Professor John Blair Faculty of History English architecture and decorative arts, 600 to 1500
Professor John Nightingale Faculty of History Carolingian Renaissance
Dr Janina Ramirez Department for Continuing Education Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture, Manuscript Illuminations, iconography and symbols



Professor Malcolm Bull Ruskin School of Art Art theory and Renaissance art
Professor Nicholas Halmi Faculty of English Enlightenment and Romantic art and architecture, esp. classical reception and neoclassicism
Dr Jim Harris Ashmolean Museum Late Medieval and Renaissance sculpture
Dr Matthew Landrus Wolfson College Intersections of the practical arts and natural philosophy, specifically artist/engineers, 14-18th centuries
Dr Manya Pagiavla Continuing Education The readings and writings of the intellectual artists in the Renaissance; the Classical Revival in art and architecture from the Renaissance to the 19thc
Dr David Parrott Faculty of History Court culture and art in Early Modern Europe, 1580-1700
Professor Lyndal Roper Faculty of History Early modern German material and visual culture
Ms Jacqueline Thalmann Christ Church Picture Gallery European art and architecture: 14th to 20th century
Dr Colin Thompson Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages Literature and painting of the Spanish Golden Age
Dr Malcolm Vale St John’s College Flanders and Italy in the Quattrocento, 1420-80
Ms An Van Camp Ashmolean Museum Northern European Prints, Drawings and Paintings
Professor Catherine Whistler Ashmolean Museum Italian Renaissance and Baroque art
Professor Timothy Wilson Ashmolean Museum European decorative and applied arts: Middle Ages to the present



Dr Reidar Due Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages European cinema
Dr Stefano Evangelista Faculty of English Aestheticism and decadence, reception of classics in the 19th century, gender and sexuality
Dr Lena Fritsch Ashmolean Museum Modern and contemporary art; the Ashmolean’s post-1945 Western art collections
Professor Jason Gaiger Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art Modern and contemporary art theory and practice; aesthetics and the philosophy of art
Shalini Amerasinghe Ganendra St Catherine's College Early photographic images and related texts from/of Ceylon/Sri Lanka
Professor Anthony Gardner Ruskin School of Art Postcolonialism, postsocialism and curatorial histories
Professor Jane Garnett Faculty of History Intellect and culture in Victorian Britain
Mr Colin Harrison Ashmolean Museum 18th and 19th Century European art
Professor John Hyman Faculty of Philosophy Aesthetics and philosophy of art
Ms Julie Anne Lambert John Johnson Collection, Bodleian Library British Printed Ephemera and Political Cartoons: 18th to mid 20th century
Dr Derek McCormack School of Geography and the Environment Human geography
Dr Ben Morgan Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages German film
Dr Claire O'Mahony Department for Continuing Education

History of art and design, specialising in 19th and early 20th century Europe

Dr Maryanne Saunders


Dr Sarah Simblet

Lincoln College                                   


Ruskin School of Art

Modern and contemporary art; religious art


Drawing, particularly the study of human anatomy

Dr Kate Tunstall Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages Literature and the visual arts

Professor William Whyte

Faculty of History Architecture in Oxford: 19th century to the present
Dr Matthew Winterbottom Ashmolean Museum

19th century European sculpture and decorative arts



Emeritus Professors

Professor Craig Clunas, Professor Emeritus of the History of Art

Professor Martin Kemp, Professor Emeritus of the History of Art

Junior Research Fellows & Research Associates

Dr Brigid von Preussen, Associate Member, Faculty of History

Dr Jennifer Johnson, St John's College, Junior Research Fellow in History of Art

Dr Mary-Ann Middelkoop, St Peter's College, Junior Research Fellow in History of Art

Dr Linda Whiteley Research Associate