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No. The History of Art course is only currently offered as a single honours degree.


There is no separate prospectus for History of Art, but the main Undergraduate Prospectus can be ordered from the following page of the Undergraduate Admissions section of the website:


This information can be found on the following page of the University website:

For further information on qualifications, please email the Undergraduate Admissions


The Undergraduate Certificate in History of Art would be accepted as a qualification for the BA degree. Applicants would be expected to achieve a final result of a good 2:1 at the very least. However, prospective applicants with this qualification would not be able to apply for direct entry to the Second Year of the BA degree. 


The major purpose of asking for a submission in English is to assess an applicant’s fluency in expression and writing in the English Language. This is because the BA programme entails a great deal of writing, both for coursework and assessment. So when translating an essay, a less than literal – but more fluent – version will be most welcome.


Yes. All colleges that offer History of Art accept mature students (21 years and over). Harris Manchester College is specifically for mature students.  See:


Mature and home-tutored students unable to submit a marked course essay are permitted to submit an unmarked essay written specifically for the application, on any subject and up to the word limit, accompanied by an explanatory note on the cover sheet.


The University of Oxford (and therefore the Department of History of Art) does not participate in UCAS clearing, Extra or Adjustment. All undergraduate applications must be made by 15 October of the year before a course begins, and there are no further places available after this time. If you have achieved top grades at A-level, or other equivalent academic qualifications, you may wish to re-apply for entry next year - see: - although please remember that even excellent results will not guarantee you a place.

History of Art equips students with skills in assessing evidence, formulating arguments and debating issues.  A few examples of jobs that History of Art students have gone on to do are museum or gallery based work, auction houses, publishing, work in the heritage sector, teaching and art banking. Students have also followed non-art related career paths such as law, the army, the civil service and acting.  There are also opportunities for students to do internships at museums or galleries, or further study such as a Masters Degree.


Students have the opportunity to visit galleries, museums and other art collections on organised trips here in the UK whilst they study at undergraduate level. Some European trips have been informally organised by academic members of staff, but this is not part of the Degree.