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The History of Art Department’s Visual Resources Centre has two roles: firstly, to support all staff and students in the provision (and creation) of digital images for teaching, learning and research and secondly, to promote, preserve and provide access to the Department's analogue image collections. 

In the first of these roles, the Centre maintains a small local image database to support some of the undergraduate and graduate courses; promotes and provides training in sourcing digital images from University subscription and open web resources, as well as presentation software, image manipulation and storage; offers a scanning station (flatbed and film scanners), access to a digital camera and copystand (as well as training in the use of said equipment); maintains a colour printing service and additionally records lectures and hosts audio of all departmental core courses.

Secondly, the Centre contains over 100,000 images of art and architecture from classical antiquity to the present day in 35 mm slide format, which may be accessed by all students, staff and Academic Visitors for study and research; there is also a large and rare collection of nineteenth and early twentieth century glass lantern slides, including a significant proportion of architectural material. Images from both may be digitised for academic purposes on a demand basis. The Centre holds many other scholarly and some historic photographic and paper collections, all of which may be accessed by appointment. The Centre also maintains and supports all audio-visual equipment in both departmental teaching spaces.

Monday to Thursday: 09:00-17.00
Friday: 09.00-16.00

For more information on these resources and services please see (Oxford History of Art students please log in to WebLearn to access further resources).

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