Academic Visitors

If you wish to apply to be an academic visitor at the department, please follow the application process below. Applications outside of the procedures will not be accepted.

Subject to availability, the Centre for Visual Studies can offer a base within the University to postdoctoral scholars whose work fits the mission of the Centre and Department, and who have a strong reason to access Oxford's exceptional and diverse resources during a research visit.

Applicants must secure independent funding for accommodation and living expenses for the period of their proposed visit, and are asked to pay a monthly or termly charge of £200 per month (£600 per term), or £2000 per year as a standard bench fee.   We are unable to assist with finding accommodation, college association, travel or visa arrangements. Visits would normally last between a term and one academic year.  Visiting scholars are expected to contribute to the intellectual and social life of the department during their visit.  Please note that we are unable to provide academic viistors with office space.  There is hot desking available within the Centre for Visual Studies, but this is only available during office hours, Monday to Friday only in term time.

Enquiries in the first instance should be made through an academic member of staff from the Department of History of Art (- not Associated Academics), who would act as sponsor (and mentor for successful applicants).

Formal letters of application should be addressed to the Head of Department, together with a completed Visitors Application Form.  Please note that you cannot be considered unless you have fully completed the Visitors Application Form and provided the following required information:


Required information:

  • CV
  • Statement/proposal of intended activities, including rationale for association with the Department
  • Evidence of outside funding (- this needs to be confirmed before you apply)
  • Academic reference
  • Date and duration of proposed visit (please note this would need to be a term or terms during the academic year - i.e. Michaelmas, Hilary or Trinity term - we do not accept academic visitors out of term time or over the summer closure)
  • A completed Visitors Application Form

Conditions for acceptance:

  • Relevancy of the proposed activities to those of the Department.
  • Availability of appropriate academic sponsor/mentor within the Department of History of Art.
  • Availability of resources for proposed duration of visit.