Academic Visitors

MT 2021: Professor Mette Sandbye, Professor of Photography Studies, University of Copenhagen

Jan 2022-Dec 22: Cecilia Grönberg, University of Gothenburg

Dr Cecilia Grönberg is joining the Department as a Research Associate for the rest of 2022. Hailing from Sweden, where she is affiliated with the University of Gothenburg, Cecilia is a photographer, artist, researcher, and, since 2004, the image editor of OEI, an artistic and literary publishing project that she runs together with Jonas (J) Magnusson. Her books with Magnusson include Leviatan från Göteborg (2002), Omkopplingar (2006), Witz-bomber och foto-sken (2009), and För pås-seende. Berndt Pettersons collage och bokstavskonst (2012). While in Oxford, Cecilia will be continuing her research on a visual research project, “The Latent Image (Uncovering Developing)”, focusing on fading photographic life forms, such as “the latent image,” “developing,” “Kodak,” and “the darkroom.” She and Magnusson will also be working on a book about the politically and socially engaged art group Bildaktivisterna, “The image activists”. This group was formed in Stockholm in 1968 when photographers Tommy Tommie, Björn Myrman and Bengt O. Nordin put out an open call for joint photographic action. However, they did not define the group as media specific, and their work with image activism came to integrate and employ a variety of different media brought together in new combinations and constellations. Cecilia looks forward to meeting other members of the scholarly community here in Oxford.