No specific A-levels are required, but students will be expected to receive scores of AAA or higher, including at least one examination that demonstrates essay-writing skills. If four A-levels are taken, conditions will only be set for three of them. Other equivalent qualifications are also accepted, please see the University International Qualifications Page.

Students do not have to take an A-level in Art History in order to apply to the course. Qualifications in Art or Art and Design are welcome, but students should note that at least one other examination involving essay-writing skills is also required. A-levels that demonstrate essay-writing skills include subjects such as Art History, History, English, Modern or Classical Languages, and some Social Science subjects. General Studies would normally not be accepted as an A-level subject.
Please see the main undergraduate admissions page for further information.

For any further or general queries, please send a question to the University using the online "ask a question" form here.