Written Work

Applicants are asked to submit two pieces of written work. The first must be a marked essay from an A-level or equivalent course. This will demonstrate the ability to construct a sustained written argument. The second must be an essay of no more than 750 words written in response to a piece of art, architecture or design. Applicants should have first-hand access to their chosen object so that they may examine it closely in person. In writing their response applicants may focus, as they wish, on whichever aspects of the object they consider to be most significant.  These might include the medium, the design or style, the technique, the subject matter, and/or the location. No special preparation or research is required for the 750 word analysis, which should be based on the applicant’s personal response to the object and should demonstrate curiosity and visual acuity and the ability to ground an argument in visual analysis.  Applicants should include a good quality reproduction of their chosen object (a photograph or photocopy if the written work is submitted in hard copy; a scan if the written work is submitted electronically).

Most colleges will ask you to post your written work, although some will accept it electronically. Please refer to your application college for guidance. All written work must be submitted to the College Admissions Office by 10th November.